The purpose of the Myanmar Foundation for Analytic Education, Inc. is to support a strong bridging program in Myanmar to prepare bright and highly motivated high school graduates to win scholarships abroad, thrive at college, and return home to help bring democracy and prosperity to Myanmar.

General Ne Win’s coup on 2 March 1962 began the isolation of the country and the long term ruin of education. Jim and Dorothy Guyot, who had previously met Dr. Khin Maung Win at Yale, were PhD students doing research there at the time.

After the Guyots returned to the US, Dr. Khin Maung Win sent them Christmas cards without signing his name. Meanwhile he rose to become Minister of Education and then ambassador, resigning in 1988 as ambassador to India. The universities were closed in 1988.

When the universities were closed again in 1997Dr. Khin Maung wrote to the Guyots asking how his grandsons could get an American education. The Guyots ask U Ba Win of Bard College at Simon’s Rock to vouch for the meaning of three Distinctions on the Myanmar matriculation exam. Beloit and Wooster offered Yan Win Aung and Yan Min Aung full-tuition scholarships.

At the urging of John Badgley, Dorothy attended the Universities Historical Research Centre seminar in December 2000 with Dr. Khin Maung Win. The three friends decided that other people’s grandsons and granddaughters could be educated for a year or so after high school in order to do well in colleges abroad.

The Myanmar Foundation for Analytic Education, Inc. was established in May 2001 several years later, in an era of severe sanctions, was granted a license by the US Department of the Treasury to invest in Myanmar.