After I bid farewell to my parents, Sayagyi (Dr. Khin Mg Win), Dorothy, Jim and last but not least Kali, I headed to the South (Greenville, SC) to begin my adventure at Furman University. At Furman, I majored in Chemistry and Asian Studies with a focus on Japanese studies. I have returned to Myanmar for a summer to participate in an internship to conduct research on the production of biodiesel at Myanmar Chemico Foundation. I have spent another summer working as a research assistant at Furman on a project in collaboration with the Mitsubishi Polyester Film. My second phase of adventure continues when Furman gave me an opportunity to attend a Master’s program. As part of my thesis, I have developed a storage system to contain volatile gases, which could lead to a safer way of transportation for gaseous system on a commercial scale.

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at Clemson University. My research focuses on self-regenerating medicine. I am making organometallic compounds of medicinal interests and testing their antioxidant properties. The overarching goal of my project is to find a way to make these compounds more effective than conventional therapeutics by taking advantage of their self-regenerating antioxidant properties. While I was working on this project, I have developed a method (patent pending) to screen simultaneously the self-regenerating ability and antioxidant property. I plan to graduate in May 2016 and hope to continue my journey of adventure as a chemist who could make a difference in the lives of others through scientific research.